Our Affiliate Marketing Management Focus

Of all the digital marketing disciplines, affiliate marketing management is one of the hardest elements to get right.

But if you’re wondering if affiliate marketing management is for you, take a look at what we achieved for Groupon. Think back to the days when the idea of group buying websites was a mere figment of someone’s imagination. What Groupon needed was traction, a credible and powerful leap into the market. And we did just that, creating in just six weeks one of the largest and successful affiliate networks ever seen in the UK.

If that sounds like the sort of thing you’re after for your website email us, or call 020 3286 5639 and we’ll happily give you our thoughts on how we grow your affiliate sales channel.

Delivering the right affiliate package is vital

Creating a profitable affiliate network is not for the fainthearted. Selecting the right affiliate and negotiating the parameters which will bring a smile to both sides of the table, is hard work. Affiliates are major operators in their own right and real estate on their active websites is not given out lightly. So the package has to be right and work for all parties.

Not every website, or online offering, is suitable to be taken up by an affiliate marketing network. We work hard to firstly assess whether the concept is suitable for an approach and then we make that introduction on your behalf. We are highly experienced in this area and have built up a network of affiliate contacts who can significantly shift a product online. We always adopt a hands on approach when it comes to creating an affiliate network.

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Case Study

Top website Groupon brought in Duncan, a digital marketing expert and the CEO of Cayenne Red, to run its UK affiliate campaign. In just six weeks, the UK’s biggest affiliate programme was created. It achieved Gold Status on affiliate window and is currently one of the most successful programmes in the UK.

Christopher Maass, Chief Marketing Officer – Groupon UK

Working with Cayenne was a great education in how to run an Affiliate marketing channel. Their energy, enthusiasm and desire to grow the sales channel were key in creating the right foundations for the business’s growth in the UK. They’re sales focused and have that ability to find the right sales angle.

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