“Public relations has found a new lease of life, especially for those smaller to medium sized companies who struggled to get their message out. The age of Online PR and SEO is upon us.”

PR and PR

These initials are bandied around a lot in digital marketing. Don’t forget that one means Public Relations, another can mean Press Release and yet another can mean Page Rank (a simple indication of a website’s standing in the world).

Online PR and SEO
– broadcast the message!

Traditional PR has become log-jammed but it still has its place of course, and Cayenne Red puts together ‘traditional’ PR strategies with a real emphasis on Online PR and SEO.

You can control the flow of information and optimise PR for Search Engines so  you can use it to reach both potential users of your site and journalists.

 Search engine optimisation give you traction and a chance to build your profile.

Press releases still require to be informative and well-written, and they should be sent to the correct online distribution portals, but once they are published and out there, they can work hard on your behalf. In many ways, they seed the internet with your information.

In terms of traction, the PR distribution portal will back-link to your site which provides valuable SEO juice. If the keywords are chosen correctly, it will also be picked up by the people searching for that information. Then there’s always the chance that journalists will reference the press release in some of their material. Google does place a good emphasis on press releases and they are ranked well.

So what makes a good campaign?:

1Quality Still Counts

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. The good PR distribution portals (those with high page rank scores which insist on quality content) will not accept poor quality material. Prepare your press release to high standards of layout, grammar and spelling. If in doubt, get it checked over by someone else.

3Choose Your Distribution Portal Carefully

The better the PR distribution portal, the better traction you will get in terms of SEO and seeding of your press release. So consider those distribution websites which have a high page rank score, or ones that charge for such a service. This is not charging for a back-link. You should see the better distribution portals as news agencies which require money to operate.

5Use Social Media

Social media is used extensively by journalists to follow companies and individuals. If you are lucky enough to get followers who are journalists, then this is an ideal way to show them what you are about. Twitter is especially useful for this, because it forces a company to get the message across quickly and accurately. So use all your social media platforms to get your PR messages out there.

2Presentation is All

Your press release should be prepared to journalistic standards, remembering the good old five Ws: who, what, where, when and why. Who is making the assertion? What are they talking about? Where is it taking place? When is it taking place? Why is it taking place? These can be in a different order of course, but they are the base questions that every release should answer.

4Make People Aware of PR Content

PR content should be shouted from the rooftops, but do not run the release on your own website which will create duplication issues and could cause problems for you. Let people know that you publish press releases and let them gain access to your press release via a Word Document, or PDF download from your site.

6Be Honest

In short, be honest with your statements and claims. Do not make rash statements, or tell lies – you’ll not only look ridiculous, but your content will be badly used and despised. Everyone likes to talk themselves up, but taking it too far will damage your company and its reputation. So rein in your enthusiasm and be truthful, otherwise no journalist will ever take you seriously.

Online PR and SEO is a proven component of the digital marketing mix – don’t leave home without it!

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