We Love Digital Marketing

Why Cayenne Red?

Okay, we’re results orientated. We don’t have anywhere to hide: we live by the numbers. We’re a specialist digital marketing which has a portfolio of ambitious clients who employ us not to keep them entertained – although we do like a good laugh – but to deliver to them strategies that work.

Perhaps it’s because:

  • We’re result’s driven
  • We have a highly experienced team
  • We have a great attitude
  • We believe in total commitment
  • We’re a growing company

When you’re business is your website, digital marketing is the foremost strategy and one that will make the business work, or struggle. So we exist to generate our clients traffic and profitable revenues.

Take the Cayenne Red team. Duncan Cumming heads up what we believe is an impressive team of individuals who each have their own areas of expertise, including affiliates, SEO, PPC, online PR, content and design. The executive team has been put together to provide the agency with the broadest range of skills and sector experience possible, enabling it to offer a complete package for clients.

But Cayenne Red has something else to offer. It’s an intangible quality which can be best summed by the word philosophy. We believe we have a great attitude. We give that extra mile to our clients and get a great kick out of successful campaigns.

We’re also on the lookout for new people to join the team all the time. Developing careers within the agency is very important to us. We are a people team and believe in nurturing the right individuals and their skill-sets.
So that’s us and we’re sure you’d like to find out just how we can fully exploit your online presence and maximize your profits. Email us now and we will arrange a free SEO audit on your website and send you our great guide to digital marketing.