Our Philosophy

CayenneRed Philosophy

The majority of our work is carried out on a retainer basis whereby we undertake an agreed long term objective for a portfolio of clients that span most retail, commercial and industrial sectors. Most of our clients are based in the UK, Germany and Australia.

We believe in:

  • long term relationships;
  • developing an in-depth knowledge of the client;
  • giving our clients a valuable marketing resource;
  • working to agreed campaigns and detailed targets;
  • providing clients with a defined ROI.


Creating a long term relationship is fundamental to our way of working. We are fast learners, so once the steep learning curve is out of the way, we can bring our full skill-sets to bear on behalf of our clients.

In the process we develop an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ business and way of operating. This helps us to dovetail activities with theirs’ and for many of our retained clients, we become there in house digital marketing department. Having this kind of resource is a valuable asset for companies who at a particular stage in their development, might not have the bodies needed for a key part of their strategy.

That is not to say we are shy of project work and have undertaken hundreds of assignments in which one task is the focal point.

But above all, we work in a disciplined fashion, agreeing campaigns and targets before we start continually assessing our performance as we work alongside the company to achieve set goals.

And we are most commonly judged by our contribution to return on investment. We like to think we’re a good team to do business with, but being a nice bunch of people that are prepared to go in to bat for their clients is not going to please the accounts office, or the investors. What does make everyone happy is generating a profitable return from all online activities. At the end of the day, that is the bottom line.

So, if you need someone on your side, part of your team, that increases your ROI and maintains focus on your profitably, then email us now for a chat. We will happily do a free website audit and also send you our free guide to digital marketing. Enough said!