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PPC Agency

Our PPC Agency Services

Cayenne Red is all about delivering success. Our PPC agency services are designed to give profitability a leg up and get products and services moving out the door.

With Gamola Golf UK we were tasked with getting some action behind their PPC campaign. The team had a healthy  budget, but were just not getting the traffic, or the conversions they needed. It’s depressing paying a marketing budget and getting virtually no return on investment. So, we had to start from afresh, talking a close look at the website, ensuring metadata was correct, webpage copy was properly prepared and the PPC keywords correctly targeted. And our approach worked, significantly increasing their ROI.

If that sounds like the sort of thing you’re after for your website, email us, or call 020 3286 5639 and we’ll happily give you our thoughts on your PPC campaign.

PPC Planning and Management are key

Let’s be honest; there’s a lot of rubbish talked when it comes to PPC. There’s two things to bear in mind: it’s fast moving and dynamic, and you can lose a lot of money in a short space of time. Things can change within the hour, so you need someone who can firstly plan an effective campaign and then react very quickly. But be wary of all talk and no walk. There’s a lot of so-called experts who just don’t get PPC.

We offer services which we genuinely believe is second to none. Why? Because not only are we only very good at it, but we truly understand how it works. We know how to fully work a pay per click campaign to get the best results. In short, do it right, and it’s one of the most effective marketing strategies there is. Do it wrong, and its goodnight Vienna.

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