PPC Berkshire

PPC Agency Berkshire

When it comes to PPC Agency Berkshire, you need look no further than Cayenne Red which is one of the few dedicated PPC Agencies in Berkshire that operate in the area.

PPC marketing (or pay per click to give it it’s full name), is a fantastic modern day marketing tool and is the main revenue for the search engines such as Google and Bing.

Google makes an absolute mint from its Adwords platform and in many ways, pay per click is a huge online betting shop which can make you a lot of money, but can also lose a lot. Indeed, such advertising methods should carry a wealth warning: it will be bad for your pocket unless you understand all the methods and tactics.

Elements we consider vital for a successful campaign:

  • full audit of client offering and expectations
  • ROI, budget control and management
  • creation of individual campaigns
  • keyword research
  • ad copy
  • landing page recommendations
  • reporting

For Cayenne Red, PPC Agency Berkshire is a chance to show its clients how it can really boost a digital marketing campaign.

Cayenne Red begins looking at their client’s past experiences within PPC, whether they have run a campaign before, or are new to the discipline and also take a closer look at their expectations. Not all products, in all sectors, lends themselves to PPC, as certain areas are so competitive, that little margin can be made.

This follows onto questions of return on investment, what the budget is and how it can be controlled; and, how the campaign should be managed from both parties perspective.

Once a PPC plan has been drawn up, it’s important to build individual campaigns which mean that each product, or service area, gets attention. Separate campaigns allow for good performance tracking and budgetary control.

Once the major perimeters have been established, it’s then time to get down to the detail and that starts with the keyword research. As with search engine optimisation, choosing the keywords is crucial and they have to be closely matched with the offering.

Next is the ad copy and the skill here is to sum up what’s on offer in just a very few words. In other words, no waffle, just straight to the point.

Once that has been established, the Cayenne Red teams ensures that the website which is the target of the pay per click campaign has the correct landing pages. This means that your ad has to be connected closely with the relevant website page.

Finally, there’s the reporting, which allows the client to ensure that they are getting best value for money.

Like that professional approach. Then email now, or call 020 3286 1153 for a confidential chat.