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Social Media Marketing – Our Focus

Of all the elements in the digital marketing box of tricks, this is the least understood by companies and for those that get it wrong, it can be at best plain embarrassing and at worst, damaging to their reputation and standing in the marketplace.

Teufel Audio, one of the largest players in the mainland European market, decided to start selling in the UK and apart from a website, they wanted a way to quickly communicate with their potential customers. And as the Teufel team are music fanatics with a dedicated following of fans, it was obvious that a Facebook presence was a must. So we got going and within weeks the number of followers had rocketed to a point where Teufel Audio UK is now carrying on a genuine dialogue with its British customers.

Good Communication is Key

Remember that story about the Emperor’s Clothes? Everyone has to smile and wave as he strutted about stark naked, thinking himself a natty dresser who knew a thing about fashion. And then the kid gave the game away. That’s Social Media Marketing in a nutshell. One thing you must avoid is putting on some of your own Emperor’s Clothes. So when the cry goes out, we must have a Facebook Page, stop to wonder why for a minute.

We’ll help you spot the snake oil from the elixir. We’ll hold your hand and tell you why social media is extremely important for companies operating in today’s digital world and how it’s all about the pitch. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter; they may be very modern and exciting, but when it comes to it, they are just more market stalls in which goods can be sold. Get the pitch wrong and the customers will vote with their feet; get it right, and the promised land is just around the corner.

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