It’s a bit of a joke nowadays, but there are still thousands of companies out there that think social media marketing is all about setting up a Facebook page.

And the great thing about creating a Facebook page of course? It’s free. So off the company goes and creates what they think is the best FB ever. Nice logo, some good pictures and yes, get the company staff to befriend it and hey presto, they’re off to the races.

Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy as many companies find to their cost. Just as wonderful websites are created and then forgotten, so hundreds of new FB pages are created every hour with a rush of enthusiasm, only to be forgotten as they struggle to survive in the ether.

Exactly the same happens with a Facebook Page. It’s all made to look hunky dory, the smart logo shines out from the page, some glossy images make a professional finish and the text is concise and informative. Everything is fine.

But like everything in life, rarely is anything free and to get a FB page which works in social media marketing terms, requires money, ingenuity and a great deal of tenacity.

People belong to social networks because they can communicate and stay in touch quicker and more efficiently than ever before. And they can choose to see what they want; so they are in control. If a company marketing team can add to that process, enhance, or in some way exploit it, then they will have made a success of social media marketing.

If they don’t, it could be a disaster.

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