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Web Design Design in Berkshire & Reading

For great web design in Berkshire & Reading look no further than Cayenne Red.

We are a full service digital marketing agency which specialises in bespoke web design. And by that, we mean we offer local companies an unrivalled service which is right on their doorstep.

But the beauty with the Cayenne Red approach is that because we are digital marketing experts, our website design facilities are geared towards designing websites which work on a commercial basis.

All too many Berkshire based web design agencies rely on design alone and once these sites go live, they flounder in terms of their search engine rankings.

Elements that we think are vital for successful web design in Berkshire & Reading

  • business assessment & research
  • wireframing
  • navigation mapping
  • initial web copy
  • core content
  • responsiveness
  • testing
  • final website
  • maintenance

We start with an assessment of what our client is trying to achieve with their website. Is it to be an ecommerce platform, or an information portal, or a site for a club, association? This is the starting point for any web design concept and once this has been decided, you can move onto the next stage.

The initial design concept is then drawn up by the design team who take on board the type of website needed by the client.

Once this has been accepted, it’s onto the navigation stage which sees the pages organised in such a way so that they work for the search engines and are appealing and interesting to the user. People tend to forget that navigation is vitally important and if a person cannot find their way around the site easily, it will fail. And it won’t appear high up in the search engines rankings either.

Once design and structure have been sorted, it’s onto filling out the main metatags which again, is vitally important for a site’s success, but not seen as crucial by many designers.

Then comes SEO Content Writing (basically the text on the pages) and some additional content such as blogs and articles. In this way, our clients start off with a very polished product right from the start.

This is where Cayenne Red really steps up to the plate; providing a one-stop service for the budding webmaster and site owners.

View our current portfolio of Bespoke website design.

If our approach to Web Design in Berkshire & Reading suits you, then contact us now for a confidential chat about your requirements. Call 020 3286 5639 now, or email.