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Are you looking for Web Design in Windsor, Slough or Maidenhead.  At Cayenne Red, we believe the essential building block of all good websites is design. Without a decent looking website you will attract no-one fast and if you intend to operate an ecommerce platform, then design is even more essential. Which is why Cayenne Red is so well  known for web design in Windsor, Slough & Maidenhead; the region’s most respected designers of websites.

So, if you want help with that essential first step, then contact us now for help with web design Windsor. Email, or call 020 3286 1153 for a friendly chat and guidance that will get you started. Or, indeed, will help boost your existing website.

If you watch the most successful websites, they are continually changing and tweaking their design. This is mainly because users quickly tire of a website and respond to a fresh look. It’s not a radical overhaul that’s needed, but a sense of keeping up with the times.

Some of the elements that we think are vital:

  • Define Client Requirements
  • Outline Improvements
  • Draw up initial design
  • Consult with client
  • Finalise code and handover sit

Our Approach to Web Design in Windsor, Slough & Maidenhead

1) Understanding Client Requirements

Now, much depends on whether you are creating a new site, or redeveloping an existing site, but whatever, because Cayenne Red is a full digital marketing agency, we do not see design as an isolated part of the process.

Thus, our first step is always to understand our client’s business and from there, calculate what the website has to do and how the design has to reflect the task in hand. Putting it simply, is the client after an aggressive ecommerce platform, or an information website

2) Defining the Web Site Structure

One of the key aspects to designing the website is not so much the look and and feel but the structure of the website.  How users will navigate around the website.  Thus, it is vitally important to recognise a website must have great usability  allowing users to respond and move around at ease.

3) Initial Design

From there, we move onto an initial design which the team, taking into account the brief and client expectations, then draw up the design that is most appropriate for the situation.

This initial design is then discussed with the client, ensuring that we have them on board and all parties are happy with the approach.

4) The Build

Once everyone is in agreement, the code can be prepared and the design worked up in a working and fully functioning website.

This is the very professional approach offered by our Web Design in Windsor, Slough and Maidenhead.  Why not have a look at our portfolio and If you would like a Free Design Consultation why not Email, or call 020 3286 1153 for a friendly chat.