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CayenneRedMedia @CayenneRedMedia
CAYENNE RED  @CayenneRedMedia
landing today. #googlealgorithm #google #algorithm Anyone see any changes to results yet? So far - its pretty calm https://t.co/TV5daDAug5 
CAYENNE RED  @CayenneRedMedia
err anyone else having #google #seo indexing issues today? Different pages being indexed. All of the place. Some weird 💩 going down ! 
CAYENNE RED  @CayenneRedMedia
Anyone else seeing rankings fluctuating still from florida2? wish google would make up their mind - up or down! 😂… https://t.co/oDvC8vJpzh 
CAYENNE RED  @CayenneRedMedia
@SkySportsPL This story was reported by Bild In Germany - "Sky in Germany 😂😂😂" Dodgy Reporting by @SkySport 
CAYENNE RED  @CayenneRedMedia
@Outbrain hi guys - we have set up a client campaign. It just says the campaign is under editorial review and has… https://t.co/8tb2p3lovh