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CayenneRedMedia @CayenneRedMedia
CAYENNE RED  @CayenneRedMedia
@LauraCummingArt Hello, so your father is my grandfathers brother. What a small world we live in 😃 
CAYENNE RED  @CayenneRedMedia
@LauraCummingArt You’ve also been talking to my Auntie Mae :) 
CAYENNE RED  @CayenneRedMedia
@LauraCummingArt My surname is Cumming, I believe my Father and your father James were related. He's from Glasgow.… https://t.co/1cs3lKYVFF 
CAYENNE RED  @CayenneRedMedia
@paulpogba @ManUtd Good riddance. Biggest waste of cash. Lazy. 
CAYENNE RED  @CayenneRedMedia
@GuillemBalague 😂😂 wtf. Errrrrr so you’re a lfc fan. 
CAYENNE RED  @CayenneRedMedia
@CtznsOfHumanity I have put transactions through on your website and got zero confirmation. HSBC have confirmed th… https://t.co/OE2SROaIgW 
CAYENNE RED  @CayenneRedMedia
@o2businessuk Love how I’m trying to cancel my business contract with you but can’t get thru to anyone at your call… https://t.co/qPVxsjRKLz