Bespoke Web Design

Bespoke Web Design Solutions  – not off the shelf!

Looking to make an impact with Bespoke Website Design? There is nothing wrong with off-the-peg clothes, but if you want to make a real impact, made-to-measure tailoring is the way to go. It’s the same with websites. There are plenty of ready-made templates and frames which look okay. But if you want to make your website really stand out, attract those customers and bring in the leads, the bespoke design solutions are the way for you . But in terms of the design process, what exactly do we mean by bespoke web design solutions?

1. The Brief

Ecommerce websites are businesses – they are there to make money and grow. Tailored web design is not just about  a ‘pretty design’.  The design has to be relevant to the overall objective of creating a profitable revenue generator.  So, we start with the business brief. Just what does the client want with their website; what are their business objectives and how best can we make that happen for them?

2. Implementing the Brief

From the brief, the respective teams will start work on the look of the site, not only in terms of how it should look, but also structure (how many pages etc); navigation (the user route throughout the site); metadata (the all-important tags, or signposts, that are used by the search engines for ranking); and, last, but not least, the content (both text and images).

3. The Design Process

Once the designer has most parts of the jigsaw in front of him, he will begin work on the design which will go forward to the client as visuals. These are then discussed so that the final look is agreed upon. This might include a new logo, or just a website frame. Whatever comes out of the bespoke process, it will be aimed at increasing a site’s viability.

4. The Build

The build stage is when all the teams comes back together to create the finished website. It’s a coming together of all the components which have not been developed separately, but have been put together as part of a continuous process. Thus, the client will be able to publish a site that is not only designed properly, but one which has also been optimised at the same time.