Titan Insurance

We Increased Sales by Over 50%

Titan Insurance is one of the most pro-active firms operating in what is a highly competitive sector. They knew that they had to rank highly on their chosen keywords in order to make their SEO campaign work, otherwise they would be lost amongst the competition. They asked us for a plan and we delivered, not only giving them Page One Google ranking for their chosen keywords, but also achieving first position on a high percentage of their key phrases.

Tactics Count

It was obvious that we had to play a tactical game when it came to getting results for Titan. Insurance is one of the most competitive sectors out there with thousands of companies running expensive organic SEO campaigns, all vying for the top positions. So, we looked at the many niche areas that Titan specialised in and focused our attention on those, mining down into lucrative seams of online searches for our keywords.


We developed an aggressive onsite SEO and offsite campaign for Titan, which involved building on a number of key elements and exploiting techniques that we know to work. We set out to blend the onsite SEO (metadata and content), with the offsite work (directory and content submissions, plus a co-ordinated online PR effort) to exploit the power of the website within the rankings.