Without SEO your fantastic website will remain largely undiscovered by the majority of browsers which will not increase your customer numbers or indeed your sales. If you need help with SEO then this article may help.

There’s no point in having an impressive website with great content and a range of services or products laid out for your potential customer if they don’t know you exist. Visibility is key when it comes to increasing sales or referrals and so your SEO efforts are crucial.

Running a business is expensive however these five brilliant tools will not only help with SEO, they are also free.

1. Open Site Explorer

Open Site from SEOMOZ is a back-link investigator. Google place a fair amount of importance on back links when ranking a site therefore it is important that not only do you have them, that you have the right ones.

The aim as far as SEO is concerned is to gain genuine back links from sites which rank well themselves and where possible are found within your own niche, though are not in direct competition obviously. These relevant links are what make all of the difference. Open Site allows you to view links (your own and your competitors), enables you to assess how your back links are helping with your SEO efforts and of course enables you to make more informed choice regarding who to link to / with.

2.Rank Checker

Rank checker will enable you to see where your site ranks for certain keyword searches and similarly how your competitors rank for the same or similar. This information is great for choosing keywords and assessing performance.  Assessing performance in terms of SEO will enable you put in place plans for future SEO campaigns and to know when to ditch something that clearly isn’t working as effectively as you might have hoped which will clearly what is SEO.

3.Google Adwords

The Google Adwords Tool enables you to find relevant keywords to your business or niche and to ensure that you are using keywords that your potential customers are searching for. Using relevant keywords properly will enable Google to rank you properly, taking into account your sector or area of interest.

4.Meta Tag Analyzer

If set up properly your website will have meta tags (a kind of html tag) inserted into the pages. This further enables Google to index your pages and your site properly. The Meta tag Analyzer will assess any tags of any sort across the site and show you what isn’t working or is being used incorrectly. These may then be rectified either by yourself or by whoever is responsible for your web design.


5. Google Alerts

Google alerts may be sent to email you when it notices something that hits Google which matches your inputted search term. This will give you a better insight into what people are searching for when looking for anything relevant your business, will let you see how people are finding your competitors and will also aid you in regards to fine-tuning your SEO efforts.