Many companies struggle with the idea of affiliate marketing and some with good reason, but a properly built campaign, with clear cut performance targets and budgets, will bring rewards for both parties.

But before anyone goes dashing off to get affiliates running their ads, a lot of thought should be given as to exactly what’s on offer.

Bear in mind that not every online product or service is ideal for an affiliate campaign.

There’s two watch words when it comes to getting affiliates on board: volume and money.

Affiliates, naturally, like products and services which sell in volume. Offer them a completely specialised product which sells one or two units a month, and they’ll decline your offer. But offer them a product which has healthy volumes, plus a certain profile, and then you’re past first base.

Second base is just exactly what you’re prepared to pay for affiliates help, and this can be divided into two usual ways of reimbursing an affiliate: CPL and CPA.

CPL stands for cost per lead and CPA stands for cost per acquisition. The former pays out for every lead that comes the way of the website and tracking codes allow the website to keep track of which affiliate is pushing traffic through. Likewise with CPA, although acquisition stands for every deal that is completed, rather than every lead.

Either way, the affiliate is going to want a decent return for their money and the higher the CPL, or the CPA (with promises of volume), then the sweeter the deal for them.

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