An Introduction to Page Title Tags

SEO is a fast moving sector and Google’s frequent algorithm changes make it difficult for some businesses to get a grip of what they need to do to get ahead. For many though, getting higher in the search ranks may be as easy as altering their page title tags.

Many people seem to neglect page tags or page title tags when working on the SEO of a site or creating an SEO how-to guide. This article misses nothing out yet doesn’t blind you with science (or bore you will long-winded explanations).

What is a Page Title Tag?

The page title tag are keywords that appear in the header of each and every website page.

Why is a Page Title Tag so Important?

As part of an SEO campaign, the page title tag often proves very useful to those in SEO. The page title tag includes keywords relating the topic, aim or theme of each page and if properly optimised increases the chances of the site being more highly ranked and therefore more visible.

Valuable inclusion within Back Links

Backlinks are a tried, tested and frequently used method of increasing visibility; particularly when linking with high ranking and relevant sites. When websites create a hyperlink which leads to your web page they often link using your page title tag as the anchor text. If your SEO expert is looking to fully cash in on this then they may be looking at how important keywords are when used within the page title tag.

Ensure you include your keywords and your business name

Points to consider here are having a business name with the keywords within them, ensuring that if keywords are to appear in a title tag that they appear at the beginning of the tag rather than the end and to consider amalgamating two keywords in one to make the best of a tagline search as “IT Development, IT service | Joe’s business”

Being Specific 

Page title tags add more specific information about the type and purpose of your site which makes it easier for Google to rank it properly and those looking for your product or service to find you. Remembering to be specific, so using “SEO Berkshire | Cayenne Red” rather than “welcome”, “About us” or similar will make a big difference to how your site is ranked.

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