There’s a great new improvement in the Google Docs application which helps you to work more efficiently and quickly, and will be welcomed by many within the digital marketing consultancy arena. And there is now PPTX support as well.

Google has added a cheat sheet for keyboard shortcuts so that working in Google Docs becomes far more efficient.

It means you can work quicker within spreadsheets and speed up your productivity.

To access the shortcuts, on a PC just press Ctrl+/ and a Mac, press Cmd+/, and away you go.

Google has also launched another very handy feature which now means a user can transfer their PowerPoint files from their desktop, or laptop, directly into Google Docs. Once there, they can be shared with colleagues, or acquaintances, and edited from the browser. A great step forward for Google Docs.

The whole point of these changes of course is to make Google Docs more attractive to a wider audience. Cloud computing solutions like this are the way forward, but many computer users are still reluctant to really embrace the developments, as they lack the sophistication found within the machine based applications.

Google and other companies will only win over users if their own applications match existing products out in the market and when the true convenience of cloud computing becomes apparent to a greater number of users.

And that will be a gradual process, unless hardware manufacturers take the initiative and start building stripped down machines for a fraction of the cost of today’s full featured models. But that, on a large scale, might be some way off yet.