There’s a new look for Gmail which brings it into line with other design changes at the search engine giant and it will please all in the digital marketing consultancy world.

Google say they want a common look across their wide range of products and they also want their interfaces to have more valuable user features. Above all, they want them to be effortless, more elastic and better focused in use.

And yes, you might say it’s about time, as even though Google is the biggest player on the search engine scene, it has often been criticised for the design and layout of many of its user interfaces.

Indeed, the Gmail interface has looked pretty dull for years and the thinking behind the functionality had perplexed many. If Cloud computing is to take off in the way that Google plans, then the user experience needs to be addressed.

And, on the whole, these are welcome changes and should be welcomed by Gmail users.

The new layout is fresh and clean, and appears to have learnt much from many of its competitors. It certainly has a less geeky appearance about it and goes ‘big’ on the Chat features which Google is keen to push to its user base.

Neat features include the ability to choose your favourite inbox style, which means you can opt for a Priority Inbox which allows you to sort out the importance of your incoming emails. In the increasingly crowded ether, this should be a very popular feature, which allows you to sort out, at source, just whose emails you need to read first.