For all those in the digital marketing consultancy area, one of the main problems with emails is not so much that there are too many of them, but that there are malicious mails trying to infiltrate computers. So news that Google has added increased phishing detection into their new look email application is a good development.

Most of us are now aware of those emails which inform us that King Gary has died in some far off nation and left a fortune of money that is ours for the taking. All we need to do of course is send them some money for the paperwork. The idiocy of such emails is immediately apparent: why would anyone want to hand someone else millions and why the upfront payment? When there’s a fortune involved; someone will always cough up the down payment. You don’t have to email a billion people who you’ve never met.

So, okay, the crude emails asking for help may be old hat these days, but the phishers are a clever bunch and even the most experienced operators have to be constantly on their guard not to get tripped up.

Gmail is now starting to display more information about the sender of the email. Those not in your contact list are flagged as such and it even tells you when a message originates from an email service. Cleverly, it also tries to warn you when a spoofed Gmail email is being used.

So, phishing trips should now be a little harder for all those hackers out there, determined to cause mischief.