People often make the mistake that when it comes to digital disciplines such as affiliate marketing management, that in some way this is all new territory, using new technology and with systems that no-one can  grasp.

It couldn’t be further from the truth and affiliate marketing, like many of the modern digital disciplines, is basically a reinvention of what has been in place for decades before.

Take affiliate marketing. This concerns other websites running ads and promotional banners for your website, so that you can exploit their skills in selling your products and services. Great, simple to understand, but actually little different, in the principles, goals and ambitions, than the sales agent network that many businesses still use to sell their merchandise.

And in one crucial aspect, there is no difference at all, in that the message for the affiliate, or agent, has to be right. It’s not a case of shoot the messenger, if the agent, or affiliate cannot make money from selling your products, then they won’t even try.

So the message that the customer sees (the product, or service price, and description), has to be just right, in order that it is bought and the affiliate, or agent, makes their money and everyone is happy.

So if you’re thinking of creating an affiliate partnership network, then the first task is to sit down and give some long hard thought to the sales message that will not only excite the affiliates, but also entice the customers.

And that’s the first step with affiliate marketing: get the message right.