In many ways, if you are a lover of figures, tables and formulae, then you’re going to love Google Ad Words. If that doesn’t turn you on, then get someone else to help you, because you’ll either become very bored, or out of your depth.

And to appreciate why this is so, remember the origins of who’s behind Google: mostly a bunch of geeks who discovered a great way to control the beast that is the internet.

Remember that the internet is a massive network of computerised databases and these have to be accessed efficiently and hyper quickly to ensure a meaningful service.

Google were the team that managed to make the internet most accessible by the general public. Don’t forget that no-one owns the Internet, neither Google, or Microsoft can make that claim. But what they do own, via their search engines and web browsers, is their version of the internet.

When Google make available results, it’s of the internet not as it exists precisely at this moment, but one which existed some days ago. Now, okay, Google will ensure that the latest news is always available (as it caches the super busy sites on a minute by minute basis), but you will have noticed the lag that often exists between you knowing that something has happened and finding it ranked on the search engines.

But the team behind Google are very clever mathematicians and statisticians who build algorithms that rank the internet and provide the search results.

And this is the pedigree of Google Ad Words. It’s built by experts for other experts – if that doesn’t light your fire; then rope someone else in to do it for you.