The Google Ad Display Network was previously known as the Google Content Network.

It’s basically made up of a number of websites that have partnered with Google and become display partners. These display partners work with Google, YouTube and other Google entities that display what’s known as Ad Words ads.

Targeted automatically, the ads can consist of either text, video files, images, or a variety of rich media formats. They are targeted by spotting themes in a user’s keyword list. These are either created manually, when a user matches specific placements, or are created by focussing on defined audiences that the user needs to reach.

For the advertiser, they have the choice of running their promotion pieces across parts of Google, or the complete Google network, which means that a high degree of penetration can be achieved.

Google also insists on a high standard of ad, which means that standards are rigorously controlled and in turn, they agree to place the ad only on websites of a certain quality and within other products that are regarded as solid platforms.

What makes the network stand out for advertisers, is that they can fully target their audience with penetrative ads that work.

But the key for any advertiser is the format of the ad. It still comes down to the central message contained within the text, image, or file. So Google’s system will allow that ad to be properly placed, but it’s essential that the key message is precise and powerful. And that comes down to the skill of the creative.