All of us within the SEO consultancy had a good snigger at this story which appeared recently in the media. It centred on the fact that the Government is considering getting Google and Microsoft to teach kids about computers in school.

The Government, to its credit, realises that computer education within the UK education system, is, well, let’s say it politely, not that good. In fact, it’s horrendous.

Whilst many kids in the Tiger economies are learning how to programme their first terabyte machines at five, most Brit kids get to learn about the internet. They then get told to avoid certain sites (which all kids try and access) and if they should transgress, they’ll never get onto learning all about how to write using a word processor.

Which is why, when it comes to computer lessons (what schools charmingly call ICT – note the C, as IT is just not good enough), the UK is about as far behind the race as it can be. Okay, some schools do shine, but if the system wants job ready kids, then forget everything but English and Maths (do Chinese instead of French, or German, or Spanish) and spend the rest of the time learning how to programme computers, or exploit social media strategies.

Microsoft might make good teachers (if you bear listening to guys wearing pullovers, or looking like a roadie from a heavy metal content), but Google! Now there’s a thought.

What’s their main lesson: create a search engine which only you can understand, dominate your market and then turn it into a Las Vegas cash machine which pays out the jackpot every day?

Now there’s a lesson I wish I’d been taught at school!