SEO Packages are created for clients who want to build up their digital marketing activities as though creating a menu.

SEO Packages are useful, because they allow both client and agency to focus on a particular problem, or issue, and they can also be cost effective.

Ideally, a client needs to focus all their activities within one campaign; in practice, a more tactical approach is adopted.

Take the obvious point first. SEO can be divided into two main areas, onsite SEO and offsite SEO. Onsite SEO includes metadata, keyword research, webpage copy and content. Offsite includes back-linking strategies and online PR.

So, naturally, there is an obvious division between the two internal disciplines and many webmasters will want help with onsite SEO first, before they start considering the offsite work.

Which means that a company might employ an agency for one SEO package to include the work on the website, before then moving onto another package which is geared towards the work which comes later.

You might also get say a SEO Package which deals with back linking as a priority, rather than all the other elements. Now the reason for this is clear, because once a website has become fully optimised, back linking is a great strategy to implement.

It relies on the way that the internet is indexed by the search engines. The theory goes, that the more links to a site, the more important that site must be and therefore, it must be ranked higher. But, only quality links will now be seen as important.

So, SEO Packages play a crucial role in the digital marketing field.

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