Is Your PPC Agency Doing What You Need Them To?

When you invest in a PPC agency you expect your investment to reap the rewards. Often your goals are geared towards increasing profits.  If you see that the bottom line is not improving, you may want to review your agency’s performance.  The following are considerations given as an aid to reviewing your PPC agency.

Getting Started and setting goals

When you first met or spoke to the PPC agency did you feel that they asked for enough information about your business? Was there adequate discussion regarding your goals and did you feel these goals were understood? When you signed on the dotted line, did you receive a plan of action detailing what your money would be paying for and how the company were planning to tackle any hurdles and achieve your goals?

Communication & Reporting

Are you kept in the loop at all times? Do you receive regular reports outlining performance and changes to the PPC campaign aimed at improving performance?  It’s essential your agency out lines on-going performance changes.

Ad Copy Testing

Does your agency continually test and optimise adcopy?  Do they constantly look to improve your campaign’s click through rate (ctr)?  It’s important your agency demonstrate how they are testing new advertising copy.  The higher your campaign’s CTR, the lower cost per click you will pay.

Managing and Reducing your cost per click

Does your agency overly use broad matching when setting up your campaign? Broad matching allows an agency to target many related keywords.  However, there is a down side to using broad matching and that is your advert may be shown on irrelevant keywords costing you needless money.

Your PPC agency must demonstrate how they use negative matching to remove unrelated keywords picked up through broad matching.  Your agency should demonstrate how they are saving you money and reducing your cost per click.

Onsite Optimisation

Has your agency made any recommendations on how to improve the sales conversion performance from your PPC traffic?  It is essential your agency understand how well your PPC traffic converts.  They should review your website and understand how well it will convert and provide recommendations on improvements.  There is no point paying for traffic if that traffic does not convert.

Do you need to review your PPC agency?

If any of this sounds familiar and your agency is undertaking some of the considerations outlined, it is more than likely they are doing a good job.  If not, then it may be time to review your PPC agency.  If you have any questions regarding PPC management, CayenneRed will happily answer those questions.

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