The SEO consultancy world welcomed the arrival of a new version of Google Analytics which the search engine company has just launched for testing.

It’s a Beta version (the industry name for test software) and will add much to the field of SEO consultancy.

First reports about the version suggest there will be a number of improved features which will allow users to analyse data in greater detail.

Google has upgraded Google Analytics mostly as a result of user feedback and has, so it’s claimed, created a truly user friendly experience.

One of the major improvements will be the ability to view different segments without a need to look at All Visits. A further embellishment is the option to customise the dashboard, meaning, amongst other things, that data can be viewed in a choice of formats.

The user interface has been significantly upgraded, as has the report nomenclature. For example, Goals become Conversions. And there will be greater chances for those to track the social media performance of a site.

This represents a major step forward and will be welcomed by the SEO community as a chance to further understand and analyse the data being generated by a website.

There is as yet no word when the final version of the new Google Analytics will be available to all webmasters, but once the Beta version has been hammered, and any faults discovered, it won’t be long before it’s available.

Google Analytics is an indispensible tool for all SEO consultancy practitioners and Cayenne highly recommends its use.