It would appear to us that many are occupied day to day with affiliate marketing management, that many people seem to miss one essential word out of the title. And that is, ironically, the management bit.

Digital marketing is a comparatively new discipline as things go, but it is a discipline and one that does not reward shortcuts.

PPC might give non-organic rapid results, but to make a successful long term and profitable strategy, requires a team to work at it consistently. More so with organic SEO, which demands a patient and long term effort to make it work. Both of these key parts of the digital marketing mix require managing with some skill.

But a bigger user of time is a proper affiliate marketing campaign, which is all about the concept of managing. And here it is more vital than ever.

Affiliates need managing, especially if you are creating your own network of affiliates. If you’re using one of the accepted managers, then fair enough, you can sit back and wait to reap the rewards, but if you’re trying to build your own particular network (and one which is far more profitable), then prepared to put some legwork into the project.

Each affiliate is different and each one requires a different approach which allows you to create a strong and mutually beneficial relationship.

And the more you try and understand the needs of your individual affiliates, the more rewarding it will be. Appreciating their needs and ambitions, will go a long way to fulfilling your own.

Like most business relationships, good affiliate management is a two way street.