The part of the digital marketing campaign known as Pay Per Click, or PPC, often gets a rough ride because unlike organic searches, it costs money and this is the main advertising revenue model for such providers as Google.

But used effectively, PPC is one of the biggest weapons in the digital marketeers armoury. And it should be used as a tactical weapon, unless the coffers are very deep.

The main benefit about PPC is that the chosen advertising can be very direct and targeted right at the heart of the effort. But, the trick with this medium is to ensure that the campaign is properly structured and that chosen keywords are properly related to the advertising copy and also connected to the correct landing page.

Now this process of getting all the things in the right place is not just about making the campaign stack up, it’s about pleasing Google as well.
They rank a campaign on set criteria (how the campaign is set up) and if that’s not the way they want it, then you could end up paying more per click than people who get it right.

So, remember, it’s all in the planning. Start with the right keywords, then broaden it out to the correct advertising copy and ensure that the landing page is prepared to handle the click throughs from the rankings page.

All comparatively straight forward, but it’s amazing how many people struggle with the idea of PPC and with establishing the correct model in the first place.

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