So what is in store for 2012 as regards the PPC agency world?

We’d like to list a number of massive developments which will rock the world to its foundation, but, to be honest; it’s steady as she goes, as long as the good ship Google keeps filling the coffers. Or, at least, that’s what we see looking ahead at the moment.

And we say Google because that will remain the major PPC platform throughout the year and Adwords is a pure money making machine for Google, and what ain’t broke, doesn’t need fixing. It was the way that Google monetised the internet and although it might like to radically redesign its babies like YouTube, don’t expect radical changes to its money making machine. The investors and money making men wouldn’t like that at all.

So expect tweaks and refinements, and a due nod of the head towards quality and relevancy. Google, as with organic searches, is on a pilgrimage to the quality Altar. The internet has got to, according to Google, pull up its socks and start to improve its game. There’s too much junk in the ether and unless some of it starts to get removed, the internet is going to seize.

No dramatic changes, but keep an eye open for subtle PPC algorithm changes, such as the one introduced in the latter half of 2011. This ‘rewards’ people who run PPC campaigns with better click through scores if they have relevant and strong landing pages. In other words, give your website visitor what they want straightaway and don’t make them read a largely irrelevant Home Page.

So, here’s looking for a good year in this pay per click agency.