Now, we do know a thing, or two, about pay per click campaigns. You’d expect that of course, seeing that we are a PPC Agency, but when idling the web recently, it came apparent that, in relative terms, there are few ‘self-help’ guides out there, contrasting markedly with other subjects in the digital marketing arena.

For example, search for Google Adwords guide and, low and behold, you get their own online guide, and the usual websites saying that they will explain everything, but usually if you buy their own pay per click agency services, but not much else of any use.

Search for a Dummies Guide on Google Adwords and you’ll find the latest version came out in 2008 (in digital marketing terms, a lifetime ago).

So, is this a gap in the market, a conspiracy by all us PPC agencies to keep people in the dark, or an attempt by Google to keep the subject somewhat obscure?

If you check out the Google guide for their service, it’s an online video which goes into about as much detail to get you started and that’s about it. Indeed, at times it’s quite unintentionally hilarious, as two women with West Coast American accents quiz each other about just exactly how Google Adwords works. All jolly good stuff and it will get you started, but if you try to delve much deeper, there is a marked lack of detail when it comes to building profitable strategies.

It may be some kind of fluke of course, but you can’t help thinking that Google prefers it that way; that they expect people to learn by trial and error and that way, spend a load of money trying to get it right.