It’s a strange thing how many people still don’t quite realise that a well conceived plan, from a pro-active PPC Agency, can have quite dramatic results in a very short space of time.

Indeed, one reason to use a pay per click agency is to get results in a very short period of time and get a good return on investment.

This is why a PPC campaign (one that can be described as non-organic) and takes literally minutes to start producing the result, is pitched as the direct alternative to a SEO campaign (organic) which can take a month, if not three, to gain traction.

But the speed of PPC creates the key problem with this fundamental element of the digital marketing mix.

Whereas a SEO strategy can be fine tuned over weeks, if not months, a PPC campaign highlights mistakes within minutes and the big downside about that is quickly emptying pockets.

PPC has to be effective for it to work. There is no room for mistakes and errors will be punished very quickly indeed. So, no-one should contemplate an Adwords campaign until they have got their ducks in a row.

So, sound keyword research is vitally important if money is not going to be wasted. Wording of the ads then has to be equally precise, as people need to be quickly convinced in a short number of words. That is no easy task and takes even the best copywriters a while to perform.

But, get those two elements right, and PPC can be an instant and very lucrative success.