Now, the eyes of certain people within this PPC Agency do stray to the jobs section occasionally of certain websites; just out of academic interest of course. Not for us the somewhat underhand tactic of seeing what better pay is out there; we are superbly contended, you understand!

But when our eyes do glance on the listings of jobs for the digital marketing industry, it does amuse us to read some of the more innocent listings.

We tend to break down the ‘postees’ as a mixture of the over confident, over ambitious, or outright ignorant.

The over confident tend to display an almost naive and ill-informed approach to the whole sector, especially within PPC. The great wheeze is of course that few employers out there really understand just what Pay Per Click means, nevermind how it should be properly exploited commercially.

So, we were amused to see one recent advertiser offering a PPC Agency position to someone with ten years experience. In a new industry and one which was born out of Google’s recent cleverness, there are no people out there with ten years under their belt. Ten months is a long time in this business.

Then there’s the over ambitious potential employer who believes that one person can radically revitalise their business and turn lead into gold. The business might be on its knees, but a stout PPC strategy can turn around the sinking ship.

Last is the plainly ignorant hasn’t got a clue what Pay Per Click means, and so hedge their bets, telling the potential candidates that as well as PPC, they would also have to make the coffee, clean the bosses’ car and take the dog for a walk.

Yes, the joys of looking for a PPC job!