There is no better way to target a marketing spend than PPC, but what you need to ensure, is that the campaign is fully planned and conceived properly.

And as with organic SEO, the whole skill behind PPC, or Pay Per Click, is the choice of the correct keywords, combined with an extremely strong message in the advertisement.

First, take a look at the Google Adwords tool and start to understand, on a global and local basis, just how many people are searching for a particular phrase, or keyword.

This is a fascinating process and literally hours spent with this tool, could save you thousands of pounds.

And one of the most sobering parts of the process is testing what you believe to be a superb search term, only to find that about none people search on that term every month. In other word, forget it. The figures don’t lie and if no-one’s interested, then no-one will visit your site.

But it’s not just about the search numbers of course; the competition bar gives you an idea just how many other people are after that term.

You will have to appreciate that certain sectors, and certain key terms, are extremely competitive and big money is needed to play with the big boys.

And finally, once you start bidding on terms; ensure that your ad is properly structured and written in a way that convinces people to visit your site. It’s not Shakespeare, but the old rules about writing clear, sharp and informative ad copy still apply.