Think of your PPC as a constantly evolving and changing strategy that once decided, is not set in stone.

Those who succeed at PPC, understand that it’s basically a daily, if not hourly auction, and the key is flexibility and the ability to move quickly.

Also, along the same lines, it can also be used as a very strong and tactical marketing weapon, which can be turned on and off when required.

Let’s say you have a particular product which is in a competitive area and you are up against some major companies which don’t mind paying out for a large PPC campaign.

But, as with any sector, you recognise that they are certain times in the year when a major company might not be able to move as quickly as you. In may well be that you spot a particular trend, or that one product within your sector is suddenly in fashion. Then, you can quickly move up a gear with a PPC campaign and target certain keywords to take the advantage.

That’s the beauty of PPC – it can be turned on and off at will, and it can be used as a tactical weapon to exploit trends and developments in the market.

And sometimes the smaller the operator, the more able they are to move quickly and make hay whilst the sun shines. But to be able to do this, requires fleet of foot and a great awareness about your market. Moving quickly, expertly and with strategy behind you, is the way that you can really capture the benefits of PPC.