When it comes to PPC, don’t forget that it’s not just about the keywords and size of your budget, much comes to the skill of your copywriting.

People have a tendency to forget that the 10 to 13 words that accompany the hyperlink are vitally important and that their PPC campaign could live, or die on those few words.

Choice of keywords is of course vital and then comes the budget, but that line of copy (in effect an advertisement in all senses of the word), is crucial to grab people’s attention, especially if you are not in the top three.

In highly competitive areas, it can be argued that unless you occupy one of the top three positions, you could be wasting your money.

The main search engine page is designed to reward those with the best organic status and the deepest pockets. Thus, the first three listings are given over to PPC, then the next ten are organic and the right hand panel contains the remainder of the PPC crowd. So, if you find yourself on the right hand side, you don’t get the best site in terms of location, but you can still grab the attention. And that comes down to the words.

So that’s where getting those dozen, or so words right is imperative. They have to be bang on the money if they are going to make your PPC work.

Given that, think what might grab your attention when looking for a particular service, or product and remember, think like a copywriter – it’s all about the catch.