Anyone who has built a site, or got a url hosted, will be on the receiving end of the Google database which is quite happy to shower people with Adwords gifts. But people should look at this promotion as a great introduction into PPC marketing.

Google Adwords is the search engine’s main way of raising revenue and it’s basically a Pay Per Click. And Google know that if you get people hooked, then they should stay for some time.

So, they send you a letter giving the chance to get a set amount of Google Adwords for free. Say £75 worth, for free.

In the scheme of things £75 is nothing and will disappear like sand running through open fingers. So, don’t waste this opportunity.

Okay, if you’re a seasoned PPC hand then cash in the voucher and add it into your campaign. But, if you’re a novice, or don’t know your PPC from your CPC, then use them wisely; don’t flitter them away.

For the uninitiated, planning a PPC marketing campaign is not an easy experience. You have to really grasp the basics and see how they can be exploited to deliver results. There are short cuts, tricks of the trade and a large number of don’t do that. You live and learn.

So the best thing to do is to use your free 75 smackers to learn the house rules. Take up Google’s kind generosity and use that small figure to practice on creating a viable PPC marketing strategy.

Remember, act in haste, repent as leisure!

Attribute to: Neil Martin, Cayenne Red.

Neil Martin is a member of the digital marketing team at Reading based PPC agency Cayenne Red. He is a regular contributor to the media on how companies market themselves in the digital age.