PPC is a form of online advertising – indeed; it’s like the classified ads you see in the traditional print media. You run a small ad and provide contact details (a link, rather than a telephone number).

But there the similarity ends. Pay Per Click is not just about placing the occasional small ad. It’s far more complicated than that and why PPC Marketing is becoming a well used phrase.

For many companies they need joined up thinking when it comes to planning their PPC activity. Just allocating a few quid to a term, running the ad and then sitting back hoping that some traffic will hit the Home Page (and that traffic will generate sales) is not the strategy to follow.

Whether you place a few ads a year, or hundreds, you have to have a coherent PPC Marketing strategy in place. Not only will that mean you have a chance to generate useful income, but should also give you a chance to lose thousands of pounds – many people appreciate that PPC spending is one of the quickest ways to empty your pockets known to man.

So to avoid hemorrhaging money, any astute webmaster, or marketing executive needs to put together a properly conceived PPC marketing plan.

Mainly because, and not many people appreciate this, unlike the old classified ads, the rate you’re paying per click is not the same for everyone. The search engine boys load the dice and favour those with big pockets who get success.

So unless you like losing money, look before you leap.

Attribute to: Neil Martin, Cayenne Red.

Neil Martin is a UK SEO Consultant at PPC Agency Cayenne Red and is a regular contributor to the media on how companies market themselves in the digital age.