When you are on the lookout for a good public relations agency London, there is a huge amount of choice, so plan ahead if you are to make the best decision.

The first thing you have to consider is your brief. Are you looking for a specialist agency, or one that can look at the your requirements in a wider sense of the marketing objective?

There’s also the choice between online PR and what can be best described as traditional, or offline PR. Now, arguably, the distinction between the two is becoming less defined, but you might have a special requirement for placing stories in print magazines for example, and in that case, online PR is not necessary.

The larger agencies tend to specialise in various disciplines (and have distinct divisions) and that’s great if you can break down your marketing brief into one of the main types of PR, including consumer, trade, corporate and financial.

But if the brief is more widespread, then a generalist agency can be a good answer, as they will have teams that can work across the whole brief and pull together a concerted effort.

The only real discipline that differs from this is financial PR. These are separate agencies (which still might have other capabilities of course) that have a particular mandate and are used mainly by companies to promote their image to the financial press and investment community.

So, remember, before you look out for a PR agency, ensure that you have a very definite brief and understanding as to what you require from your external resource.