If there is one mantra that every webmaster and site owner should keep repeating to themselves, its: quality content and relevance. Thankfully, as a SEO consultancy, it’s our watch words.

If you remember those two things (and we preach them at the SEO consultancy every day); then you too might become the beloved object of the search engines.

Some might think that Google is the nearest thing to an anti-Christ, but he who controls the gateway, gets to decide who gets through!

Part of Google’s mission – aside from making tonnes of money for itself of course – is to act as almost an internet guardian. One that ensures that the internet is not drowned with mediocrity and people determined to con the world’s population out of their money.

So Google has a point and in the end, all websites will benefit from a cleaner environment where the rules are understood and are comparatively straightforward to follow. Well, that’s the theory anyway.

But if you want to get on Google’s good side now, then don’t forget the two things they love: quality content and relevance.

Quality content is fundamental. In other words, anything on the website has to add value, mainly to the user and not your SEO score. If Google believes that its purely to rig the site’s listings, then a few slapped wrists could be on the way. But, if the content is of a good quality (and has some incidental SEO value), then so much the better.

Next is relevance. In other words, anything on the website has to have a point. If your website is supposedly flogging machine tools, then don’t put up a series of articles on cottage cheese (unless of course you can justify the connection).

So there we are, be like us at the SEO consultancy: altogether now, repeat the words, Quality Content and Relevance. And may you attract Google’s bountiful attention.