We all know that including search engine optimisation using key words in your website will firstly allow customers to be directed to your site through search engines, and secondly rank your website up near the top if you’re clever in choosing keywords and phrases.

How do key words work?
Keywords can be any word on your website, but they need to be relevant to what you think your customers will search for. For instance “used cars” or “cheap Holidays”. You can refine it if you’re in a specific area so “used cars Nottingham” or “cheap holidays Spain” these keywords will let the user know the general content of the site.

A search engine will look at 200 different elements on a website to determine its ranking so you have to pick the best words for search engine optimisation.

You’ll need to do your research before you choose your words for search engine optimisation. Stick to 3 or 5 words to start with, and think about SEO phrases that you can use, because this will be a much more powerful tool than just single words, when looking at keywords there will be a couple factors to consider
Search volume- this is how many times that particular word has been used in search engines, a high volume is a good thing
Keyword difficulty –how difficult would it be for your site to rank high using the word? More difficult is not a good thing

Page Ranking- basically the lower your page the higher it needs to rank

To make the most of Search Engine Optimisation consider powerful Keywords and see your website start to climb up the search engine rankings.