It is often said that for many Brits, search marketing comes down to thousands and thousands of comparisons.

Brits like a bargain it seems and nothing pleases them more, when search marketing, to compare the price of goods and services with one another.

Which is why, some of the most successful websites in the UK are based on comparison engines. They are very clever at not only providing a comparison for all manner of products, but then monetising that comparison for the benefit of their own bottom lines.

And one of the first, and still biggest areas of comparison, was the car insurance industry.

This particular sector of commerce is a internet marketing man’s dream. Millions of people need car insurance and there are thousands of companies and products out there offering to take the job on.

In other words, this is prime comparison country, but all a consumer need do, is create a profile of the type of insurance they require, and then press the search engine. Then, seemingly by magic, all the different choices and combinations are displayed before the viewers eyes.

This is quite sophisticated search marketing and it allows users to see all the various options open to them within one website. It is also very good for the comparison websites themselves, who are rewarded following a click through from their website into the website of the company offering a particular policy.

The downsides are of course that some of the best players (either too big, or too specialist), are not included within the comparison websites and, it is said, that searches can be distorted for companies that offer the best commission.

It does seem to work though!