Now, we may be experts in SEO Berkshire, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our ears tuned for what’s happening in the worldwide tech world.

And every new year, we switch our attention to the annual gadget fest which takes in no less a place than Las Vegas.

It’s called the Consumer Electronics Show and for anyone who’s been, and this writer has, it’s a chance to see just what is happing in the hardware world. Okay, the software boys are there as well, but CES does give us a chance to ogle at what we hope we’ll be bought for Christmas.

Now, Las Vegas in January. It’s a bit like a British seaside town out of season – pretty miserable and somewhat depressing. If you stick to the garish casino’s and play the slot machines with caution, you might not notice the cold, or the similarly depressing people who spend time in the gambling capital of the world, when it’s cheap.

You march into the huge show areas like a child at Christmas, only to feel that at the end of the morning, you’ve eaten too much chocolate and are about to throw it all back again.

But, you always hope there’s something there to wow, so this year, it was odd to see that the news centred on the launch of some super TVs, or that was what the PRs were spinning. What, televisions, you might ask, is that it?

Yes, ones that can screen the internet, as well as TV pictures and all manner of social platforms.

So, that’s the best they can do. A TV which can screen loads of different things?

That’s about exciting as HD, which is merely setting the colour on high and turning up the sound!

Right, so we’re set for an exciting Christmas then.