Yes, well, Berkshire is a pretty well known county with all its Royal connections and home to the well healed, but it is also getting a reputation for digital marketing. Which means, tap SEO Berkshire into your trusted search engine, and Reading will be near the top.

Okay, we’re perhaps not ready to call it Silicon Valley yet – Silicon Back Alley maybe – but it’s funny how many hi-tech companies like to congregate around the same area.

Think Shoreditch Triange which is becoming the home of many snazzy tech start companies which appear to like the idea of being in close proximity. They are Londoners of course and as we know, a strange collection of people who actually like living in the smog.

Now, Silicon Reading is actually home to some very large and powerful tech companies, which might explain the presence of smaller service companies who tend to follow the big whales like little fish, anxious to get a bite of the food (action).

But the advantages of ‘trades’ collecting together in the same location is a sense of both momentum and credibility. Digital marketing is a very young industry and one borne out of the rise, and rise, of the internet.

Google may well offer all the glories of the internet, but without digital marketing expertise, few would learn how to monetise their online marketing efforts.

So, expect more SEO Berkshire searches to deliver the promised land of Reading. We may not have the sun, sand and sea of nearby California, but we do have a railway station which is undergoing a major refurbishment.