Take a look at the average SEO companies UK and for those outside of the industry, the whole idea of an agency which conducts digital marketing campaigns can seem a little confusing.

The question for many is, just what does SEO company do?

Well, most SEO companies are in fact agencies which encompass all the digital marketing activities. SEO is actually one of many individual disciplines which go to make up the online marketing mix.

So, alongside SEO, on offer is usually Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media (SM), Affiliate Partnership Marketing, Online Public Relations and Website Design.

This effectively all gets bundled under the title of SEO, even though the more correct general title of SEM (search engine marketing) now usually means PPC.

This does cause confusion for all, but unless people take on board the correct term, digital marketing, then SEO will likely to continue to be the term of the moment.

So, if you’re looking for a SEO company, don’t just think that they are quite limited in their scope. A good SEO company should be able to conceive and implement a good digital marketing campaign for any company, organisation, or individual.

What you need to look for when considering your SEO company, is that you need people who can look at the bigger picture; to know all parts of the marketing mix, how they relate and work off each other, and put together a plan which harnesses all the opportunities.

Once you get that, you’re halfway to the races.

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