When it comes to the term SEO London, there is a reason why it’s so popular because, as with many things in the digital and media industries, most of the agencies and skilled workers are based around the capital.

You might ask why, but you’d have to ask the same question as why most things are based in London. The City is the political and administrative centre of the UK, so it’s only natural that virtually everything gravitates towards it.

The BBC might be trying to correct the fact that everything is so centralised in the UK, but the moans and whines of highly paid presenters who are being asked to travel and live in Salford, can be heard across the capital.

But as happens with the advertising and public relations industries, the burgeoning digital media sector is putting its roots firmly down into London’s soil.

Although the reasons are complex, it still comes down to where a company can tap into a skilled workforce. And okay, digital marketing might be one industry that can happily encourage remote working (using people from around the globe), the central core of management and executives still prefers to be sat in one office. And all the other facilities needed by these agencies, are all to hand.

So, SEO London is almost like saying cars and Detroit, or films and Hollywood. Clients see London as a centre of digital marketing excellence, and for many that are on the lookout for a good agency, it marks the natural starting point of the hunt.

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