At SEO Reading agency Cayenne Red, we’re all too aware of how handling data is a heavy responsibility and how our clients have sleepless nights about data security and storage.

But coming over the hill from the direction of the European Commission is a possible new data law which is going to make the job even harder, and although its aims are supported by good intentions, as always, it passes the buck onto companies with little thought of resources, or expense.

And what’s worse, there will be fines, some 2% of annual turnover, if the new rules are broken.

At issue is to give users of social platforms the “right to be forgotten”, plus the insistence that breaches of data are reported as soon as possible.

In proposing the new laws, Viviane Reding, who is the EU’s Justice Commissioner, says the legislation is particularly aimed at helping teenagers with their social indiscretions.

She told the media:
“My proposals will help build trust in online services because people will be better informed about their rights and more in control of their information.”

Now, we all know examples of people, young, or old, who have happily posted every detail on a website and then, whilst in a more sober light, have regretted it.

And we all have a great deal of sympathy with these cases, but imagine the administration, conversations, discussions and guidelines that a company needs to be able to cope with numerous pleas to be forgotten.

What if, for example, the particular indiscretion involved a third party who is quite happy to have details, or pictures posted? Can they argue that there rights are being infringed by the party asking them to be brought down.

A usual, the EU is creating a well intentioned minefield that companies are going to have to step across with a great deal of care.