The UK’s capital City, like many others of course, has all that a marketing team could wish for and that’s why, when on the lookout for SEO services in London, you don’t have to look much further afield.

London is blessed with a thriving media services community which is one of the best in the world. Indeed, the concentration of experts and individual skill sets in just a few square miles is amazing.

And the advantage for any company is, that it can fulfill its external resource within one geographical location. Okay, with remote working, theoretically anyone around the globe with a broadband connection can now act as a resource, but we still, in this technologically advanced age, haven’t yet lost the need for eyeball to eyeball contact.

There are many occasions when the marketing team have to sit down with their external resource team and chew the cud.

The ability to communicate across a meeting room table often facilitates the creative process and allows more individuals to be involved. Indeed, brainstorming at times like this is very valuable and much creativity can be garnered at such meetings.

But there’s also the question of logistics. If a company uses external agencies in London, it knows that within those short few square miles, it can see all its agencies: SEO, Advertising, PR and Direct Mail, in just one day. This makes the best use of time and money, and suits all parties.

And from the client’s point of view as well, having a large number of agencies gathered in one location means that they all feed off one another; helping trends grow and develop.