Many companies are a little frustrated that to operate effectively on the internet, they have to create social marketing strategies that they consider mostly unprofitable activities which are time consuming and resource heavy.

But with the latest Panda and Farmer Updates, Google has made it quite clear, that the better an organisation’s social media network, the better it will succeed in general search rankings.

Google has based its whole philosophy on discouraging ‘Billy No Mates’ websites. It has a hatred of lonely websites who don’t attract attention on their own merit, but in some way exploits search engine optimisation tactics in order to get themselves higher in the search results. In other words, any website that has no links from other websites, or no-one finding it via natural organic searches, or no presence on social media websites, is therefore not worthy of attention.

And they have recently enforced that those websites which have a strong social media presence, shall be rewarded with better organic search engine results.

So, there now exists a great opportunity for companies to give some worth to their social media activities. Rather than just creating a Facebook page, or Twitter account, and then trying laboriously to populate it with decent (and sometimes expensive content) and viewing this as a pointless exercise, they can now see it rather as having a point. Because, Google have said, that the more interest a company, organisation, or individual can generate on social media websites, the more they will be rewarded in the rankings.

At last, there now seems a very point to social marketing. So stop whinging and embrace!