Facebook, Twitter, blogging and comments. These are all forms of social media marketing, and can be an incredibly powerful tool in reaching customers for your business.
Social media marketing is the new “word of mouth” marketing and can be incredibly clever, in fact, so clever customers may feel they’re not even being sold to, they’re listing everything they enjoy and like so you have the pick of the crop.

Jeff Schneider is a social media marketing guru and founder of www. Marketingninjas.com he believes using the top for social sites, Facebook, twitter, you tube and Linkedin on a daily basis provides customers with an exceptional service, because no longer is it worthy to provide a “good” service, you’ve got to provide an experience. Still to this day, unless you work in social media marketing, users of Facebook gain a great deal of entertainment from this, rather than using it as a networking site, which ultimately it is, and businesses have flourished from just that.

There is a massive shift in communication in media, if someone has a bad experience from a company, it’s so easy to post something online, which spreads like wildfire. Companies want to avoid this bad press, so need to utilise social media in a way that offers the user a fabulous experience, by getting the user to interact and make them feel they have gained something. Companies can be clever by giving away incredible prizes just by getting users to “like” their pages on Facebook, or re tweet a link. The power of social media is incredible and growing all the time, so if you haven’t already, utilise it as much as you can for your companies good