When ex Labour spin doctor Alistair Campbell poses a question on Twitter, asking about Facebooks future IPO, “…do we all get a share? It is the people’s social network after all…”, you must admit he has a point, albeit one unlikely to get a fair hearing. Social media marketing
is a huge pot of gold for the company which harnesses the power of the medium, whether it comes the way of Google, or Facebook.

The great debate at the moment, is who will grab the lion’s share of the hearts and minds of internet users?

You’d have to say that Facebook is odds on favourite at the moment to maximise the money making opportunities. Facebook got a head start on all the others and sits there like a colossus, spreading its tentacles far and wide.

But Facebooks very dominance is worrying some experts who see it as a potential one-trick pony which is struggling to monetise its full potential because it relies on a subscriber base which doesn’t really want to seen as a moving target for every worldwide commercial operation.

Google on the other is about as brash as you can be about making money. It’s literally a money making machine and has no pretensions about seeing the internet and the social media phenomenon as a way of rewarding itself and its own investors.

So the question is, which do you prefer: Google+ or Like It?

Or is the question superfluous. It’s not about the user, but the companies who manage to pull the strings in the background.

We live, as they say, in interesting times.

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